Satisfactory Progress

Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Students are required by federal regulation to maintain satisfactory academic progress to receive federal financial aid funds.  Progress will be measured by cumulative grade point average, course completion, and time frame to complete a degree or certificate program.  Academic progress will be reviewed each semester.  These standards will apply even if the student was not receiving aid during an enrollment period.  Students are considered to be making satisfactory progress if they meet the following criteria:

Degree Seeking:  Students must be admitted and enrolled in an approved associate degree or technical certificate degree program.

Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA):  Progress each term is determined on the following grade scale:

Hours Attempted

Minimum GPA






Completion of Courses: The student must progress through their educational program at a minimum completion pace of 67%.

Maximum Time to Complete Degree:  Students must complete the requirements for a degree within the following time frame:


Maximum Time

Associate Degrees

90 Credit Hours

LPN Certificate

60 Credit Hours

LPN to RN Associate Degree

150 Credit Hours

Technical Certificates

150% of the Program Requirements


All Students:  Withdrawals, incompletes, and grades of audit are included in cumulative attempted credit hours.  Maximum hours apply whether or not the student was receiving aid at the time credits were attempted.  Students who change majors must still adhere to the maximum time frame.  Students seeking multiple degrees or certificates are required to submit a degree audit with the Financial Aid Appeal Form.


Remedial Coursework:  Students may receive aid for remedial courses up to a maximum of 30 attempted credit hours.  Eighteen hours of remedial courses may be excluded from the maximum time frame.

Repeating Classes:  Students may receive aid to repeat a previously passed course with a grade of “D” only one time.  Classes in nursing that are retaken as a requirement because of other failed courses are not eligible for aid.

Transfer Students:  For financial aid purposes, attempted and completed hours will include all credit hours transferred from other institutions. Transfer students must have a cumulative 2.00 GPA on the most recent college transcript to receive aid.  **Academic transcripts are required from all institutions previously attended. **

Warning Period:  Students who do not maintain satisfactory progress will be placed on “warning” for the next period of enrollment and notified.  Students will continue to receive eligible federal aid during the warning period.  At the end of the warning period, satisfactory progress will be reviewed.  Students not meeting minimum requirements will be placed on “financial aid suspension” immediately and notified.

Appeals to Policy:  A transcript must be presented to the Financial Aid Office showing deficiencies have been brought up to meet satisfactory progress.  Students who have extenuating circumstances (such as illness or death of a family member) may appeal their suspension to the Financial Aid Office in writing.  The Financial Aid Committee will hear appeals and the student will be notified in writing of the decision of the Committee.  If an appeal is approved, students must meet satisfactory academic progress according to an academic plan determined by the committee.

This policy revision goes into effect on April 5, 2016 and the previous policy is in effect until that date.

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