Our Mission

College of the Ouachitas Vision Statement

College of the Ouachitas is a community of successful, lifelong learners and is acknowledged as responsive to the economic development needs of the region.


College of the Ouachitas Mission Statement and Purposes

College of the Ouachitas is a public, two-year institution of higher education that continually identifies and addresses the changing learning needs of the communities it serves through:

  • Developmental courses and services that promote collegiate-level success;
  • Associate-degree programs and courses that prepare learners to transfer and to succeed at universities;
  • Associate degree, certificate, and continuing professional education programs and courses that prepare learner to succeed in the workforce;
  • Services and resources that meet the needs of students in order to support successful learning;
  • Specialized training courses and services that meet the needs of business and individuals;
  • Partnerships with K-12 schools, other colleges and universities, businesses, industries, public agencies, and civic groups that support learning and promote the economic development of Arkansas;
  • Non-credit, lifelong learning programs and opportunities that meet community needs;
  • Continuous improvement through a system of inquiry, evidence, and accountability.


College of the Ouachitas Statements of Value

As a student-centered institution, College of the Ouachitas is committed to ethical dealings with its constituencies—faculty, staff, administration, businesses, industries, students, and other educational institutions and agencies. We formally adopt the following set of values to guide the direction and operations of the College:

Integrity: We act honestly, courteously, decently, and fairly in all our dealings with our constituencies. Respect must characterize all of our internal and external relationships.

Quality and Accountability: Quality education is the guiding principle in all our actions; consequently, we hold ourselves and each other accountable for our results through a culture of inquiry and evidence.

Leadership: We lead by innovation in meeting the changing needs of our constituencies.

Independence: We recognize that academic freedom, used responsibly, fosters the innovation and initiative which make College of the Ouachitas unique.

Environment: We provide an accessible, safe, clean, and attractive collegiate environment for learning and working.

Community: We are an integral contributor to our community and to its economic development.

The Individual: We know that the commitment and contributions of all employees and students will determine our success. Each employee and student has the opportunity to participate fully, to grow professionally, and to develop to his or her highest potential.

Diversity: We value diversity and the learning opportunities that it creates.

College of the Ouachitas 2016-2017 Strategic Plan