Nursing Assistant Certificate of Proficiency

The Certificate of Proficiency in the Nursing Assistant course consists of seven credit hours. This course includes information necessary to improve the quality of life of clients in long-term care, acute-care, and other health care facilities. The course consists of information important in providing a solid foundation of skills and critical procedures necessary for becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant. Students who successfully complete this course may be eligible to take the Arkansas Nursing Assistant Certification Exam. This course meets the certification requirements of the Arkansas Department of Human Services, Office of Long-Term Care.

Step 1 College Admission Procedures-Students must complete the College's required entrance/admission procedures as outlined in the catalog/website and submit to Student Affairs (501) 337-5000 EXT 1180 in the Administration Building before 4:30 p.m. on the stated deadline (see schedule for dates)
All students must take the COMPASS test, or have taken the COMPASS test within the last five years, with a minimum score set by College of the Ouachitas. The test is given on campus - fee for test is approximately $10.00. Please call Student Affairs at (501) 337-5000 EXT 1180 for questions on the COMPASS test/dates/times, or visit

Step 2 All students must submit the following to the Health Sciences Division:

  • Application for Certified Nursing Assistant (available in Health Sciences Division)

**Certified Nursing Assistant classes will only be offered once a year; in the fall semester. Check fall schedule for dates**


Course Number


Course Name







Nursing Assistant

To Be Announced (TBA)
See fall schedule for current dates

4:00 pm to 10:00 pm

H119 Located in the Allied Health building


Classes are four days a week for 6 hours for 3 weeks. On two of those days (TBA) the hours will be two hours longer.

= 74 Classroom/Theory Lab

Clinical portion will be two 8 hour days on Saturday & Sunday

= 16 Clinical

Total hours for program

= 90

All students must meet the minimum requirement of passing designated by the College or better in theory and demonstrate satisfactory behaviors in clinical/lab to complete the program.

Clinical experiences are designed to allow students to transfer knowledge gained through classroom presentation into "hands on" experience. Students will spend not less than 16 hours in clinical. Rules and regulations regarding clinical experiences can be found in the course syllabus. The student is responsible for their transportation to the clinical facilities.

For readmission, student's must:
1. Reapply to the program by submitting another Application for Admission.
2. Write a statement explaining why he/she was not successful on the previous attempt and give a plan of action to correct the problem(s) that initially led to being unsuccessful in the program. Turn this statement into the Nursing Department Administrative Assistant to be submitted to the Health Science Dean.
3. Retake and complete the entire course content in the program. The decision of placement of a student requesting to return to the Certified Nursing Assistant Program; whose cycle in the curriculum is interrupted for any reason, remains at the discretion of College of the Ouachitas officials based on class size, instructors and clinical slot availability.