Criminal Justice

This program is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in law enforcement or corrections or for individuals already employed in the field of criminal justice who seek to enhance their educational credentials and strengthen their performance skills. This program is offered completely online. Some Criminal Justice classes may be offered in traditional classroom settings.

Students that are pursuing a career with the Arkansas Department of Corrections may choose to take the Correctional Specialist Courses – CCSP as electives for the Criminal Justice Degree. Internship for CCSP students will be done at the Ouachita River Correctional Facility.

The Associate of Applied Science degree, Technical Certificates, and Certificates of Proficiency are designed for employment purposes, and it should not be assumed that the degree or the courses in these programs can be transferred to another institution. While some institutions do accept some courses in A.A.S. programs, the general rule is that courses in A.A.S. degrees are not accepted in transfer toward bachelor's degrees unless that degree has been articulated with that specific institution. Students to whom transfer is important should get assurances in writing in advance from the institution to which they wish to transfer.

CURRICULUM ‐ Criminal Justice (AAS)
CJUS 1113 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
ACTS Equivalent Course Number = CRJU 1023
CJUS 1123 Survey of Corrections 3
DATA 1123 Fundamentals of Information Technology 3
ACTS Equivalent Course Number = CPSI 1003
ENGL 1113 Composition I 3
ACTS Equivalent Course Number = ENGL 1013
SOCI 1113 Introduction to Sociology 3
ACTS Equivalent Course Number = SOCI 1013
CJUS 1213 Police Organization and Management 3
CJUS 2113 Criminal Procedures and Evidence 3
PSYC 1113 General Psychology 3
ACTS Equivalent Course Number = PSYC 1103
ENGL 1213 **Introduction to Visual 3
ACTS Equivalent Course Number = ENGL 1023
ENGL 1213 Composition II 3
ACTS Equivalent Course Number = ENGL 1023
MATH 1123 Business Math OR 3
*MATH 1143 College Algebra 3
ACTS Equivalent Course Number = MATH 1103
(*Students who plan to transfer to a four‐year degree should take College Algebra)
CJUS 2123 Police‐Community Relations 3
CJUS 2253 Criminal Investigation 3
GOVT 2123 State and Local Government 3
CJUS 1143 Police and Correctional Ethics 3
CJUS 2313 Special Topics in Criminal Justice OR  
CISS 2143 Computer Security Fundamentals 3
SOCI 2213 Juvenile Delinquency 3
SOCI 2123 Social Problems 3
ACTS Equivalent Course Number = SOCI 2013
CJUS 2226 Criminal Justice Internship 6
BIOL 2123 Environmental Science OR 3/4
PHYC 1114 Earth Science  
ACTS Equivalent Course Number = PHSC 1104
Completion Award:
Associate of Applied Science
*CCSP 1103 Introduction to Corrections Processes and Policies in Arkansas 3
*CCSP 1203 Correctional Organization and Management 3
*CCSP 2103 Health and Safety in Corrections 3
* These courses may be substituted for CJUS 2313 Special Topics in Criminal Justice and two other courses with the CJUS prefix.

Gainful Employment Disclosure