Conditional Admission

Public School Students

In accordance with Act 1290 of 1997 as amended by Act 520 of 1999, students who lack the approved state college core at the time of high school graduation will be admitted to College of the Ouachitas on a conditional status. Students who are admitted conditionally must take 12 hours of general education courses within the first 30 degree hours of enrollment. These hours are in addition to any developmental courses required of the student because of his/her placement scores.

Students who are lacking college core courses must enroll in course(s) designated as closely related to those core subjects they did not complete while in high school. General education courses most closely paralleling the high school core are listed in the Catalog.

GED, Home-Schooled, Private or Unaccredited High School Students

In accordance with state law, College of the Ouachitas will not require college core evaluation of students who have earned a GED, are home-schooled or graduate from private or unaccredited high schools. However, if any of these students score less than a composite ACT score of 19 or its equivalent s/he must complete one course from each of the core areas (see previous table) with GPA of 2.00 within the first 30 degree hours of enrollment at College of the Ouachitas. Additionally, students must complete any remedial course required by placement scores.

General Information

Students seeking an Associate of Arts degree, who do not successfully meet the high school college core must complete 12 hours of general education core academic course work with a 2.0 (or better) cumulative GPA. Students seeking an Associate of Applied Science Degree or a technical certificate must complete 6 hours (excluding developmental courses) of general education core academic work and 6 hours of technical/degree course work with a cumulative GPA of 2.00.

College of the Ouachitas Conditional Admission

Students who are first time, full-time, award seeking whose assessment scores place them in two or more Basic Skills classes are conditionally admitted to College of the Ouachitas.  Students admitted under this policy are required to sign a contract which the student agrees to:

  • Enroll in GNED1113 Principles of Collegiate Success during the first term at College of the Ouachitas;
  • Participate in a “First Year Interest Group” (FYIG) approximately one hour per week;
  • Attend all classes and FYIG meetings;
  • Make satisfactory progress in all courses;
  • Attend two thirty-minute tutoring session each week per Basic Skills course;
  • Attend assigned workshops; and
  • Meet with academic advisor monthly.

Students who do not fulfill their contract may be administratively withdrawn from classes.  Students who are withdrawn during the first eleven days of the semester receive 100% refund.  Students complete their contract when they are eligible to take Composition I and the mathematics course required for graduation in their major.