College of the Ouachitas Workforce PLC Academy

Introduction to PLCs and PLC Applications

Dates:  Please contact us at 501.332.0236 for future class dates.
Location:  CAST Building located at 829 MLK Jr. Blvd, Malvern, AR 72104. 
Cost:  $1,800 per participant which includes lunch Monday - Thursday. 
Instructor: Glenn Franklin, Mechatronics Instructor for COTO
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Course Description:

This is a basic to intermediate course in programmable logic controllers.  The focus of the training is on Allen Bradley Micrologix PLCs along with RSLogix500 software.

The concepts covered in the basic portion (Days 1-2) of the course include:

Inputs and Outputs – Field Devices and Operators
Ladder Logic/PLC Programming
Momentary Inputs/Outputs
Latching and Unlatching Inputs/Outputs
Reading and Writing Programs in LogixPro Simulation Software

The systems utilizing these newly learned concepts are designed and tested using the LogixPro simulation software.  This program very closely simulates real-world PLC programming, and interactive animations give student feedback for troubleshooting problems with programs.

The intermediate (applications) portion (Days 3-5) of the course is a very hands-on setting, concentrating almost exclusively on real world applications.  During this time, students move up from the LogixPro simulator to the fully functional Rockwell RSLogix500 software. 

Students are given various control applications for which they write a PLC program using digital inputs and outputs.  These applications include tank level control, part sensing on a conveyor, and temperature sensing and control to name just a few.  These programs are then downloaded to actual control stations on site to test and view their programs in action. 

On the final day, students complete a capstone project involving a three level lift system.  This involves programming and testing a control system designed for what is in effect an elevator for a three story building.

Course Outline:
Day 1 - Monday
  • Introductions
  • Operation of Electro-Mechanical Contactors - Coils and Relays
  • Switches – NO and NC 
  • Inputs/Outputs
  • Addresses
  • Permissives and Loads
  • Ladder Logic
  • Seal-in Logic
  • Start/Stop Circuit
  • The Binary Number System
  • XIC and XIO
  • Logix Pro I/O Simulator
  • Input/Output Exercises
  • Independent Practice – Garage Door Simulations
Day 2 – Tuesday
  • Questions/Answers
  • On Delay Timers - TON
  • Off Delay Timers - TOF
  • Retentive Timers - RTO
  • Timer Exercises
  • Independent Practice – Basic and Intermediate Traffic Light Simulations
  • Up Counters – CTU
  • Down Counters – CTD
  • Resets – RES
  • Counter Exercises
  • Latching Outputs – OTL
  • Unlatching - OTU
  • One Shot Rising - OSR
  • Independent Practice – Creating a Time-Elapsed Meter
Day 3 - Wednesday
  • Questions/Answers
  • Wiring Inputs and Outputs
  • RS 500 Software
  • Verifying Rungs
  • Uploading/Downloading Programs
  • Force Function
  • Industrial Washing Machine
  • Home Security System
  • On/Off Temperature Control
  • Traffic Control
  • Traffic Control with Sensor
Day 4 - Thursday
  • Questions/Answers
  • Tanks - Pump Up/Down
  • Conveyor – Correct Lid Fit
  • Conveyor – Container Fill
  • Conveyor – Sorting Containers by Size
Day 5 – Friday (half day)
  • Three Level Elevator Control