Associate Degree in Nursing Program Requirements

1st Semester   Credit Hours
RNUR 2008 Registered Nursing Process I
RNUR 2014 Registered Nursing Process II
Total Semester Hours


2nd Semester   Credit Hours
RNUR 2109 Registered Nursing Process III
Total Semester Hours


3rd Semester   Credit Hours
RNUR 2211 Registered Nursing Process IV
RNUR 2311 NCLEX-RN Preparation
Total Semester Hours
  Total Program Credit Hours
  Total Program Theory Hours
  Total Program Clinical Hours


COMPLETION AWARD: Associate of Applied Science Degree in Nursing



All courses required for the nursing program must be completed with a 76% or better.  Nursing courses include a theory grade and a clinical grade. Both components of the course must be passed to progress in the program.  All first semester courses must be completed with a 76% or better before the student may progress to second semester. 
Clinical experiences are designed to allow students to transfer knowledge gained through classroom presentations into "hands-on" practical applications.  Rules and regulations regarding clinical experiences can be found in the nursing handbook.  Local long-term care facilities, acute-care facilities, and ambulatory care centers will be utilized for clinical experiences.  Transportation is not provided to these areas.
Students admitted and enrolled in nursing are allowed one re-admission according to space available.  Students must enroll within one year of previous enrollment. Once a student has reentered the program a second time and decided to withdraw or fails, they must wait five years to reapply (see nursing student handbook for procedure).
Advanced Placement
Applicants who have completed health related courses (i.e., in RN school) must submit a copy of course descriptions/course syllabi before the current application deadline for consideration for advanced placement.  The Division Chair and Registrar will review course content to verify that course work is equivalent to nursing courses offered at College of the Ouachitas.  The grading scale must be comparable to that utilized in the College of the Ouachitas Nursing Program.
The candidate must successfully:

    • Complete a final examination in each required course with an 85% or better.
    • Demonstrate competency in clinical practices as indicated on transcript(s) or arranged in the clinical setting.
    • The candidate must be in complete compliance with the College Advanced Placement Policy as outlined in the College Operating Policies and Procedures Manual (COPP) 4.51.
    • Additional requirements for Advanced Standing will be individualized according to College requirements and the needs of the student.
    • The candidate must meet all requirements for acceptance into the nursing program.
    • A letter of good standing from all previous nursing programs must be provided by the candidate before the deadline on College of the Ouachitas website ( *The COPP can be accessed via the school library.