Admission Criteria

1. Any applicant who has no previous college enrollment and who is a high school graduate or GED recipient may be admitted as a first-time entering student. An official transcript showing all high school work completed, the date of graduation and test scores must be submitted.

2. Any applicant seeking transfer status must submit an official transcript from each institution. College of the Ouachitas reserves the right to determine the number of credit hours accepted toward a degree. Grades of “C” or better will transfer; however, the student must be award-seeking before transfer credit is posted to the College of the Ouachitas transcript.

3. Any applicant who is maintaining primary enrollment at another institution may enroll for courses to be transferred back to the institution from College of the Ouachitas as a transient student. A letter of good standing must be presented to the Admissions Office for each academic term of enrollment.

4. Any currently enrolled high school student in grades 9 through 12 may enroll with a written recommendation from the high school principal or counselor. Students must meet placement standards prior to enrollment. In compliance with the Arkansas Department of Higher Education, high school students are not eligible to register for any Basic Skills classes while they are still official high school students.