Listed below are the accounts that a student will need in order to access computers and applications both on and off campus.

Student Domain
This is the network that students use to access resources on campus. This account is set up after the registration process. The user name and password is required for computer access in all computer labs, computer equipped classrooms and the library. If you have trouble logging in to the computers or do not remember your user name or password, contact the student  IT helpdesk at 501.332.0285 or you can stop by the IT helpdesk office located in D106.

Self-Service is designed for students to view mid-term and final grades, financail aid and payment information, and to register for courses. This account is automatically created after the registration process.

Our online course delivery system. This account is automatically created at the beginning of each semester for those students enrolled in online courses. See the Blackboard page help on this application.

This account is created after the registration process. Your new student e-mail address will be username [at] (jpublic1234 [at] and can be accessed at Your student records will automatically be updated to this address. All College communications will be sent to this address.

Blackboard Connect
This is our campus emergency notification system. This is an Opt-In/Opt-out account. You have to request this account yourself and once you leave COTO you must Opt Out. It is your responsibility to remember your login information for this. We have no control over this account.