Planned Emergency Exercise on 19 April 2013

On Friday, April 19th, College of the Ouachitas will conduct an Emergency Preparedness Exercise.  The College will be testing its current processes and procedures in a simulated emergency situation.  While it will appear to be a “regular” day on the campus, it will be anything but regular.  Once the “situation” occurs, the campus will test its reaction in the case of a real emergency.

Local first responders have been notified and will be involved as well as the entire campus. This exercise is designed to test as many parts of the College’s reaction/response as possible.

This simulated exercise will impact the entire campus and it is extremely important that everyone treat the exercise as if it were the real thing. Since the exercise is on a Friday, the College will have fewer students on campus as normal but for those that are on campus, normal activities will be disrupted, so every individual should plan accordingly.

The College is conducting the exercise as part of its continuous improvement plan as it makes every effort to be as prepared as possible for any type of emergency on campus. College of the Ouachitas takes the safety of its students, employees and guests very seriously.

We will be sending out notices via our emergency notification system this week and next, reminding everyone of the exercise. If you do not receive these messages, it may be because you have not updated your contact information. Visit if you need assistance in updating your contact information. We will also use this notification system as part of the actual exercise.