Plan to enroll in the Summer (May 2013) RN class?

One prerequisite for the program is completion of DATA 1123 Fundamentals of Information Technology.  If you took the class before 2003 the information you learned is too old for credit (check transcript for date) or if you have never taken the class, then you will want to take the Fundamentals of Information Technology Test Out.  The test will be given:

Friday, February 22, 9 a.m. to noon
Testing Center, Room A306
Contact Person:  Josh Holiman, Testing Proctor, 501.332.0225

This is the last testing date for the May 2013 RN Entry Date.

How do you register for the test?  Call Mr. Holiman by Thursday, January 24 noontime, to reserve a seat.  Arrive early on Friday morning and go to the Business Office window (Rebrenda Schulz) to pay your $50 fee.  Show your receipt to Mr. Holiman when you arrive for the test.

What information is covered on the test?  The test is comprised of 6 parts: 
   • Computer Concepts (50 Multiple Choice and True/False questions)
   • Demonstrate proficiency in File Management
   • Demonstrate proficiency in Microsoft Office 2010 programs: 
        o Word
        o Excel
        o Access
        o PowerPoint

How do I know if I passed the test?  The business faculty grade the exam; they will contact you by phone within a week of the test date. You must score 70 percent or better on each component to receive credit for the course.

How is credit recorded on my transcript?  If you pass, credit (CR) is recorded on your official transcript.  No grade is earned; therefore, the credit does not calculate into your GPA.

May I retake the test if I don’t pass?  Yes.  You can pay the $50 testing fee again and re-take the test once. Another version of the test will be given in February.  Check website and electronic signs for specific date and time.  If you do not pass the second attempt, you will need to enroll in the class and earn a grade.