Emergency Notification System

Did you get the text/call/email?? College of the Ouachitas sent out a TEST of the Emergency Notification System between 12:30-1:00 today, January 13.  If you DID NOT, sign up NOW by following this link:  http://www.coto.edu/pages/blackboard_connect_information_students
As a reminder, in the event of an emergency closing College of the Ouachitas will send emergency notifications in the following formats:  text, phone call, email, and postings on Facebook, Twitter, and COTO.edu.  Notifications will also be sent to the Little Rock television stations and local radio stations of the emergency status. If there is no announcement, individuals should assume the College is open. The decision will be made AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE in each case.
Should a closing be weather related, keep in mind that College of the Ouachitas is a commuter campus and areas potentially affected by the weather could vary.     While it may be unsafe to travel in certain areas, it may be perfectly fine in others.  In cases where the college remains open, individuals should assess weather conditions in their own areas and plan accordingly.