Adult Education Instructor -- Part-time


Position Title:          Adult Education Instructor

Position Location:     This position is located in Arkadelphia.

General Description:
An Adult Education instructor in the Adult Education Program shall be a certified teacher who is knowledgeable in the principles and methodology of adult education.  This individual should possess characteristics that accommodate any variety of needs that individual students may demonstrate. These needs may be physical, educational, or emotional.
Full-time teachers must hold a current Arkansas Department of Education Teacher’s license.  If not already certified in Adult Education, they must obtain the Adult Education certification within four years of the date of their initial employment as full-time instructors.

Part-time teachers must hold a current Arkansas Department of Education Teacher’s license.

Areas of Instruction and Associated Duties Include:

Student Enrollment:
  1. Complete paperwork as required
  2. Assess educational levels using the TABE Locator and proper form as indicated. Administer TABE according to publisher guidelines
  3. Administer other screenings or assessments as needed
  4. Counseling with parents and students
Completion of Individualized Educational Plan
  1. Collaborate with students to determine needs
  2. Identify long and short term goals
  3. Plan objectives to meet goals
  4. Provide information on educational resources that will be needed to attain objectives
  5. Provide feedback to students on progress
  6. Document progress
  1. Teach basic skill/concepts in reading, math, and language
  2. Provide a variety of instructional deliveries including individualized instruction, small group instruction, and whole class instruction
  3. Provide computer aided instruction
  4. Provide a variety of learning opportunities including textbooks, workbooks, lecturing, audio/visual aids, newspapers and ads, field trips, hands-on activities, and study buddies.
  5. Provide accommodations for students with special needs as necessary
  6. Establish connections between lessons studied and goals attained.
  7. Convey expectations for classroom activities
  8. Offer guidance for furthering post-secondary educational goals.
Record Keeping and Reports
  1. Retest students as required for NRS benchmarks
  2. Maintain student files as required
  3. Keep accurate records of attendance
  4. Complete records and reports as requested by other work sites
  5. Record student progress
  6. Write letters or make calls for student recruitment and retention purposes
Clerical Responsibilities
  1. Type letters
  2. Answer phones
  3. Prepare and organize files for instructional material
  4. Maintain individual student files
Professional Responsibilities
  1. Maintain current Teaching Certificate
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of the principles and philosophies of Adult Education
  3. Participate in continuing educational opportunities to maintain and improve instructional skills
  4. Obtain new skills by participating in workshops and conferences
  5. Maintain a desirable learning climate by providing a clean, attractive classroom environment and providing necessary supplies and materials.
  6. Maintain a safe, functional area by completing work orders as needed for equipment and classroom repairs
  7. Educate self on current events in adult education
  8. Maintain good relationships with referring agencies and other work contacts
  9. Perform other tasks as requested by director or coworkers
Reports To:
Director of the Adult Education Program.