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Namesort descending Title Department/Division Phone Email
Ross, William Director of Facilities and Logistics Administration & Operations 332-0217 wross@coto.edu
Ross, Christie Statistician Planning and Assessment 332-0204 cross@coto.edu
Sanders, Melinda Dean Health Sciences 332-0303 msanders@coto.edu
Schultz, Marvin Professor Arts & Sciences 332-0247 mschultz@coto.edu
Schulz, Rebrenda Accounts Receivable Business Office 332-0237 rschulz@coto.edu
See, David Vice President Administration & Operations 332-0252 dsee@coto.edu
Sikora, Scott Instructor Applied Science Technology 332-0274 ssikora@coto.edu
Simms, Pat Vice President Instructional Administration 332-0245 pats@coto.edu
Siratt, Cindy Senior Instructor Adult Education 332-1913 csiratt@coto.edu
Smith, Barbara Custodian Physical Plant 332-0273 bsmith@coto.edu
Smith, Vergina Director TRiO 332-0215 vsmith@coto.edu
Smith, Rhonda Accounts Payable Business Office 332-0224 rhonda@coto.edu
Spayde, Sandra Administrative Assistant Arts & Sciences 332-0241 sandra@coto.edu
Standridge, Kaye Career Coach Enrollment Management 332-0316 kstandridge@coto.edu
Starkey, Bob Senior Instructor Arts & Sciences 332-0246 bstarkey@coto.edu
Stovall, Chris Senior Instructor Ouachita Career Center 870-230-5553 cstovall@coto.edu
Sullivan, Wendy Senior Instructor Applied Science Technology 332-0259 wsullivan@coto.edu
Thompson, Ronnie Associate Professor Arts & Sciences 332-0244 rthompson@coto.edu
Walker, Vickie Technology Support Computer Services 332-0283 vwalker@coto.edu
Ware, Lois Master Instructor Applied Science Technology 332-0258 lware@coto.edu