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Name Title Department/Divisionsort ascending Phone Email
Housley, Janice Instructor Adult Education/Sheridan 870-942-4402 jhousley [at] coto.edu
DelaCruz, Doye College Resource Officer Safety and Security 332-0212 ddelacruz [at] coto.edu
Houlihan, Jill Administrative Assistant President's Office 332-0230 jhoulihan [at] coto.edu
Rook, Steve President President's Office 332-0230 srook [at] coto.edu
Wells, Scott Database Analyst Planning and Assessment 332-0220 swells [at] coto.edu
Crutchfield, Carla Executive Director Planning and Assessment 332-0233 ccrutchfield [at] coto.edu
Ross, Christie Statistician Planning and Assessment 332-0204 cross [at] coto.edu
Welch, George Maintenance Physical Plant 332-0257 gwelch [at] coto.edu
Collie, Justin Maintenance Physical Plant 332-0257 jcollie [at] coto.edu
Smith, Barbara Custodian Physical Plant 332-0273 bsmith [at] coto.edu
Wright, Javories Maintenance Physical Plant 332-0257 jwright [at] coto.edu
Cottrell, Danny Maintenance Manager Physical Plant 332-0248 dcottrell [at] coto.edu
Simms, Pat Vice President Academic Affairs 332-0245 pats [at] coto.edu
Brownfield, Dana Administrative Specialist & Grants Analyst Academic Affairs 332-0228 dbrown [at] coto.edu
Roberson, Kim Director Ouachita Career Center 332-0276 kroberson [at] coto.edu
English, Donald Instructor Ouachita Career Center 332-0254 denglish [at] coto.edu
Bolt, Matthew Instructor Ouachita Career Center 332-0262 mbolt [at] coto.edu
Anderson, Donna Senior Instructor Ouachita Career Center 332-0243 danderson [at] coto.edu
Chaney, Amanda Instructor Ouachita Career Center 332-0263 achaney [at] coto.edu
Petty, Cathy Senior Instructor Ouachita Career Center 332-0306 cpetty [at] coto.edu