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Name Titlesort ascending Department/Division Phone Email
Stovall, Chris Senior Instructor Ouachita Career Center 870-230-5553 cstovall [at] coto.edu
Starkey, Bob Senior Instructor Arts & Sciences 332-0246 bstarkey [at] coto.edu
Freyman, Deborah Senior Instructor Health Sciences 332-0304 dfreyman [at] coto.edu
Schultz, Marvin Professor Arts & Sciences 332-0247 mschultz [at] coto.edu
Ware, Lois Master Instructor Applied Science Technology 332-0258 lware [at] coto.edu
Lackey, Nikki Lecturer Health Sciences 332-0302 nlackey [at] coto.edu
Thompson, Ronnie Associate Professor Arts & Sciences 332-0244 rthompson [at] coto.edu
Beard, Jessica Associate Professor Arts & Sciences 332-0201 jbeard [at] coto.edu
Colananni, Terri Associate Professor Concurrent Enrollment Program 332-0240 terric [at] coto.edu
Robertson, Jan Associate Professor Adult Education 332-1912 jrobertson [at] coto.edu
Boyett, Cathy Associate Professor Arts & Sciences 332-0207 cboyett [at] coto.edu
Hunnicutt, Tony Associate Professor Arts & Sciences 332-0206 thunnicutt [at] coto.edu
Wood, Lisa Associate Professor Arts & Sciences 332-0239 lbwood [at] coto.edu
Irwin, Lisa Assistant Professor Arts & Sciences 332-0281 lirwin [at] coto.edu
Holland, Jo Financial Aid Specialist Financial Aid 332-0222 jholland [at] coto.edu
Baar, Tricia Dean of Learning Arts & Sciences/Applied Science Technology 332-0238 tbaar [at] coto.edu
Ellerd, Robert Interim Director Financial Aid 332-0219 rellerd [at] coto.edu
Cottrell, Danny Maintenance Manager Physical Plant 332-0248 dcottrell [at] coto.edu
Ross, William Director of Facilities and Logistics Administration & Operations 332-0217 wross [at] coto.edu
Wells, Scott Database Analyst Planning and Assessment 332-0220 swells [at] coto.edu